Gypsy – A platform for creative problem solving.

Just because it's always been the same,
doesn't make it right.

Every problem and individual circumstance creates a uniquely shaped puzzle that the industry has been trying to solve with the same square peg since the 1950s.

It's time for a radical rethink.

It Is Broke

As the media landscape continues to fragment, it has become increasingly difficult to crack the brief with the same group of people within the four walls of an agency.

Having a fixed number of mouths to feed with the same skills and experience has led to formulaic work that fails to cut through. Impact comes from a team uniquely tailored to your individual problem.

Change is

Anyone with a proprietary process claiming to answer all your problems is already behind the curve. Nothing that’s one-size-fits-all can solve all the conundrums that modern marketers face.

The world is changing at such a pace that the only way to be ready for what’s next, is to have change and flexibility built into the model.

Better Ideas Live Here

For a myriad of reasons an exodus of the brightest minds seeking a better way has led to an existential crisis in the industry, while technology has made remote working not just convenient, but often more effective.

So the freedom to work in a more flexible way isn’t just more inclusive, it’s good for creative.

Brass Tacks

Budgets are shrinking as expectations balloon, while the fixed overheads of running a traditional agency remain the same. So the output inevitably suffers.

The solution is to retool the model using a platform that scales to deliver a more diverse, hand-picked group of specialists to tackle each problem based on what’s right, not ‘what we do here’.

Simply put, a lean, curated team
designed specifically for you.

How it works

Gypsy works by decentralizing and democratizing a traditional agency structure to be more flexible, specialized, and yield a significantly better bang for your buck.

We’ve cut the fat, so you get exactly what you need, and nothing you don’t.

how it works 1

The brief is submitted to the core Gypsy team who curate a bespoke group of specialists from the broader global Gypsy community to work together. They are known as the project ‘family’ and each Gypsy family is unique.

how it works 2

The makeup of the family may change throughout the lifecycle of the project, but the client contact and creative/strategic lead remain consistent.

how it works 3

We work with our clients and like-minded partners to deliver sound effective ideas to ensure the work ‘works’, and see it through from inception to reality.


So if you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them (try the email below), maybe you can hire...
The A-Team Gypsy.

Become a Gypsy

Gypsy is re-imagining the future of creative problem solving by bringing together the best creative and strategic thinkers from around the globe.

Each Gypsy project team, or ‘family’, is hand-picked specifically for each brief.

So If you’re someone who is intensely passionate about your craft, and you’re looking for a better way, join us.

Gypsy beta is by invite only.

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