About Gypsy

What is GYPSY?

Gypsy is a global band of creative thinkers, strategists and doers that hail from some of the world’s best agencies.

We have a broad range of skills and experience from advertising, digital innovation, branding and design, all the way through to events and experiential.

We believe that money spent on unnecessary agency overheads (like expensive offices) is better spent on the actual work.

Therefore we work remotely from all over the world to maximize a more diverse talent base, and stay ahead of the global cultural curve.

Gypsy Circus
Enabling us to bring together the right people to solve any problem, big or small.

Who started GYPSY?

Gypsy was founded by Executive Creative Directors Jay Gelardi and Russell Heubach. Together they have over 45 years experience running creative departments in some of the world’s best agencies (CP+B, Huge, The Monkeys, Publicis, DDB).

Although they are the original gypsies and work on the platform, they defer to the diversity of the global Gypsy community as the real power behind what this new model can deliver.

As the Gypsy network grows the ability to flex and morph to solve any problem grows with it. Every Gypsy on the platform is a founder of sorts and has a say in how the platform evolves through an open dialogue with the core team.

if this sounds intriguing, give us a call or sign up.